Hope from Chicago

Come to Concord, MA on Thursday and Greenfield, MA Sat for dancing with me, Britany, Kristen, and Stuart. The Beverwyck String Band. 15 Years and still going!

Other Thoughts-

Hope from Chicago. I seem to spend my share of time around there these days. As Chicagoen Studs Terkel passed away last week, I came to think about that great city in the middle of the country. A lot has come from there. It’s a mixed bag of power, great minds, great music, great architecture, great political machines and corruption. A microcosm of our great nation. I went to see the Chicago middle aged hipster Ira Glass last night in Northampton, MA. He is all about hope. Like Studs the stories he brings to life every week keep us real. There is power in the narrative. As I am hoping that my friends are patient about certain changes to come, I have hope for after January 20th for that Chicago community organizer–you know who. That said, as the robber barons try to grab their final riches before they retreat to their scheming caves (the G20 seemed to indicate MORE deregulation?? Sure, just throw the problem at the problem), let us not forget other University of Chicago boys that brought the world this set of outcomes. Old Milton Friedman. Dead but not gone.

Outside of Chi-land, life is also good up here in the happy valley. Kind of feels like being in the eye of a hurricane though. As I drive to NH to teach at the elementary school every day I see gas prices plummeting and business as usual. It’s hard to feel the realty of things in this little bubble. I think of my kids. That’s what keeps it all real. That’s what keeps me hoping

I hope to see you out dancing or at a concert somewhere.

For an interesting little blog piece about an old song of mine , check out:

If you’d like to listen to some tunes, there’s always myspace (for better or for worse):

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